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An overhaul is a perfect service for a bicycle that gets ridden frequently or one that hasn't been serviced for quite some time. Expect your bicycle to feel super smooth and look half its age after this spa treatment. We completely disassemble your bike, clean and inspect your components, then reassemble and adjust to get you rolling in style. 

Overhaul service includes: 

  • Disassembly, cleaning, inspecting, reassembly, and adjustment of your bikes major bearing components: wheel hubs, crank bottom bracket bearings, and steering headset.
  • Alignment of your frame derailleur hanger
  • Removal, cleaning, inspecting, and adjustment of your drivetrain components: chainrings, cassette, chain, front and rear derailleur. 
  • Brake and shifting system adjustments
  • Installation labor of cables, housing, brake pads, and handlebar tape. Parts are additional.
  • Test ride of your bicycle after service to verify your bicycle is working at its best

    The overhaul service does not included bleeding of hydraulic disc brakes, rebuilding of suspension forks and shocks, or electric component diagnostics. All of these services are available at an additional charge. You can find more information regarding this services on our repair and services page.
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