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Bike Fitting

Of all the changes one can make to their bike, none are more important than a complete fitting. A bicycle modified to fit its owner is more comfortable and more efficient than one that has not been adjusted. A good fit allows riders to optimize their power production and minimize the likelihood of injuries.

What Is It

Who Benefits

Fitting Services

What is Bicycle Fitting

A Retul fit uses scientifically backed methodology and state-of-the-art technology to measure the physiology of a rider and transfer their body dimensions to their equipment. More involved than a simple saddle height adjustment, a comprehensive fit looks at the bike and rider as a system to optimize comfort and efficiency.


The first step a Fit Technician takes is understanding the goals and needs of a specific rider.


The Fit Specialist measures key aspects of a rider's physiology to inform modifications to their equipment.


Using data acquired from the interview and assessment, in conjunction with analysis of the rider in motion, the Fit Technician optimizes the rider's position.

New Bike Fitting

Retul fits are included with bikes over $3000 to insure an optimal experience. Since everyone benefits from a bike that fits, we offer a discounted rate for all bikes under $3000.

Who Benefits From a Bike Fit


Everyone deserves a comfortable ride. Even a casual rider stands to gain something from a more effective position on the bike.


Looking to ride a century in comfort? Want to shave time from your weekend ride? Bike fitting helps you make the most of your equipment.


Chasing podiums is hard. A bike fit can help you minimize barriers and maximize efficiency. 

Comprehensive Retul Fit


  • Retul Fit includes:
  • Consultation with a Fit Specialist
  • Off-bike physiological assessment
  • Dynamic position assessment using RETUL motion capture software
  • Data-driven adjustment of bike components
  • Complete fit data sheet
  • One follow up appointment (within 90 days of original fit)

Annual Refit


Fits change over time. Optimize your position with a periodic assessment. (requires comprehensive Retul fit first)

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  • Refits include:
  • Consultation with a Fit Specialist
  • Dynamic position assessment using RETUL motion capture software
  • Data-driven adjustment of bike components
  • Complete fit data sheet

Additional Bike Fitting


Have a second (or third) bike you'd like to match to your new Retul position? This add-on ensures all your bikes feel the same.

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  • Additional Bike Fits include:
  • Dynamic position assessment using RETUL motion capture software
  • Data-driven adjustment of bike components

Bike Matching


Have fit data and need to set up a bike? Our Fit Specialist will interpret your numbers and transfer them to your bike.

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  • Bike Matching includes:
  • Adjustment of a bike to match the listed dimensions of a Retul, Guru, or Trek Precision Fit report.

Custom Footbeds


Achieve optimal support and comfort with custom footbeds made just for you!

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  • Custom Footbeds include:
  • Consultation with a Fit Specialist
  • Off-bike physiological assessment
  • Custom-molded footbeds designed to support the unique structure of the rider's foot.

About Our Fit Specialist

Brandon grant

Brandon is an experienced fit technician whose background includes road, mountain, and cyclocross racing. He has an extensive background in the industry as a professional mechanic, fit specialist, and journalist. 


"Brandon at Reser was fantastic to work with. He is very knowledgeable, detail-oriented and truly cares about your goals and requests. I worked with Brandon on the fit bike, purchased a bike based on my numbers and then followed up with him when I received my new bike. I did in fact achieve a perfect fit with his knowledge and skill level and am now so happy and comfortable when riding. Based on the fantastic experience I had, I will be going to Brandon for all of my fit-related needs in the future." - Jules Arko

"I recently had a bike fit done by Brandon at Reser for my gravel and mountain bikes due to having reoccurring knee and calf pain keeping me off the bike. After asking friends and research I decided on Reser mainly because I rode off-road more than on road. Man I am glad I did.
Brandon did a great job making sure all my questions were answered and the fit was dialed in. He set up both bikes and made some modifications with new saddles all within my budget I asked to stay under.
Since the fit I’ve done about 200miles between both bikes on Zwift and mtb trails and no pain at all, the bike feels way more efficient, and now I have piece of mind know I don’t have to try to guess what to change to make the bike more comfortable or efficient. I’d highly recommend and would go again."
- Kevin Kelley


How long does a fit take?  
A comprehensive fitting, start to finish, usually takes between two and three hours. Fits that involve custom footbeds or multiple bikes often take three to five hours, depending on what is involved.

How much does a fit cost?  
A Retul fit starts at $250. Usually, a fitter will recommend component changes. These components are not included in the price of the fit.

How much should I expect to spend on components?  
It is hard to estimate the cost of components. Parts come in a variety of material and quality levels, and your fitter will suggest a variety of changes depending on your bike's equipment and your body proportions. Depending on the quality of the replacement components, the additional cost varies. On average, riders spend an additional $100-$400 on touch point modifications.

Why do you place so much emphasis on insoles?

As one of the three points on your body that contact the bike, it is just as critical to support your feet as it is to adjust your saddle. Many riders become drastically more comfortable and powerful on the bike simply by modifying their shoe to support their foot.

What issues can a Fit Specialist help me solve?  
Fit Technicians specialize in addressing the interface of rider and bike. If you have discomfort of any kind, want to maximize your power output, or prevent injuries a fitter can help you.

Do you fit bikes that I bought somewhere else?  
Of course! If you have a bike already we can still help you. Note that some bikes use proprietary equipment we may not be able to source directly.